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About Professor James H. Charlesworth

Professor Charlesworth with Iskando Kando, the Christian Arab who delivered the Dead Sea Scrolls

Educator, Author, Researcher, Editor

  • Professor, Author, and Editor of over 200 Books on Biblical Research and Archaeology
  • Ph.D., Duke University, Phi Beta Kappa
  • Fulbright Scholar, Edinburgh, UK
  • Alexander Humboldt Scholar, Tubingen
  • Lady Davis Professor, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
  • Joseph Chair, Gregorianum, Rome
  • Director and Editor, Princeton Dead Sea Scrolls Project
  • George L. Collard Professor of New Testament Language and Literature, Emeritus, Princeton Theological Seminary
  • Founder and President, Foundation on Judaism and Christian Origins (
  • Expert in languages of Dead Sea Scrolls, Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and other ancient documents
  • Ordained Methodist Minister

(Photo at left is Professor Charlesworth with Iskando Kando, the Christian Arab who delivered the Dead Sea Scrolls from their young discoverers to scholars and the modern world.  1990s in Jerusalem)


International Reach and Responsiveness

Honored in more than 40 countries for contributions to biblical archaeology, research, history, and education. Invited presenter in North and South America, Europe, Middle-East, Asia, and Africa.

Invited guest speaker on History Channel, Discovery, Fox News, BBC, CBS News, ABC News, and other news media.

(Photo at right: Migdal Excavations, Lower Galilee - Charlesworth with Dina Avshalom-Gorni, excavation director with the Israel Antiquities Authority.)


Publications for All Audiences

Click this link for more than 150 publications of Dr. Charlesworth at

(Photo at left shows lost writings found by Charlesworth with image experts at Rochester Institute of Technology, Xerox Corporation, and Kodak.)

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Having led groups in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Italy, other Holy Land sites and other locations world-wide, Jim Charlesworth delivers a unique, enlightening, and sometimes controversial exposure on archaeological treks. 

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Professor Charlesworth delivers thought-provoking insights on biblical history and archaeology, customized to the requests of his audience.  Click here for a proposal request form

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Professor James H Charlesworth

US Landline: +1 (609) 497-7361 - Israel Mobile: +972 (54) 490-5056 Email: 51 Ross Stevenson Circle - Princeton, NJ 08540 USA




On the Occasion of Retirement as Emeritus Professor

"Professor Charlesworth's scholarly breadth and erudition in languages, biblical studies, and Judaism are remarkable..."

"It is hard to define his limits when his works cover (such a long list of subjects and reflections)..."

"You, more than any scholar I have known, have modeled an integrative, multi-tasking form of scholarship, that involves the whole of a person's life..."

"Professor Charlesworth's contributions to Biblical Archaeology far surpass his numerous publications and lectures..."